We’re here to lend a technical hand…
to be the bridge between your design concept and the reality of factory production.


Providing budding designers with a complete suite of services

Our philosophy for our clients’ projects is simple: We get you ready for production by taking you through all the pre-production steps required. These steps are what will make production, marketing, and merchandising smooth-sailing.

To help you succeed, we provide all the services you need to take your idea from concept all the way to production and sales, guiding you along the way with 100% transparency and dedication.


... have technical knowledge

You know what your final product should look like, but have no clue about the technical processes and skills required to get there?

Well, that’s where our team shines.

We have years of experience and training in all aspects of what we do and can show you the ropes.

... are individual experts

We believe in “letting the artist design and the painter paint”.

Each member of the Interconnected team are individual experts who have a specific role to play and have been added to our team precisely for the specific skill sets they bring to the team and to our clients.

... are honest & open

Stop relying on contractors who go about sewing your designs blindly, without giving any feedback or advice about how things can be done better.

At Interconnected, we don’t want you to waste your time and money. We pledge to be honest and open with you from the get-go, celebrating your successes and doing everything in our power to help you avoid mistakes and failures.

... will get you there

Many people who come to us with their ideas and concepts have been sitting on them for many years,
not sure how to even start, let alone going through the process from design, to sample-making, and all the way through to final production and the part that actually makes it all worthwhile: selling.

Our team has all the skills and knowledge needed to get you from start to finish. We’ll get you there.


Interconnected Founder & Principal Consultant

Naomi is the true backbone of Interconnected. With years of training and experience as an entrepreneur, designer, pattern maker, and more, she takes a full hands-on approach when working with each of our clients.

There is nothing more important to her than passion, honesty, and open communication. She loves celebrating the successes of each of our clients and works incredibly hard to ensure that the entire Interconnected team shares the same ethics that she brings to her business each day.


A simple 1-2-3 process to transform your vision into reality


Knowing where you are going is the first step towards creating a successful and profitable product line. Together, we’ll create a clear roadmap for your project so you can see each step along the way and know exactly what you need to do to get there.

Roadmapping your project involves reviewing your concepts, developing design styles, conducting research to ensure it is viable and will be profitable, as well as laying out the entire process to ensure smooth execution. We’ll guide you on how to market your product line to the target market so that you’ll be fully prepared for a successful product launch.


This is where we take all the technical steps necessary to ensure you have maximum control over the final production of your product line, and that your vision becomes a real sewn product that you can be proud of.

We’ll create 100% production quality samples that you can use to conduct pre-sales and pre-orders, finalise your market launch, and determine the demand for your product line. Detailed and specific assembly and production plans will be created for your product line so that production goes without a hitch.


We believe in the value of locally, Australian made products, and proudly support the garment manufacturing industry in Australia by offering production services right here in Australia, if you choose to do so. We’ll manage all the setup, assembly sequence planning, ordering inputs and fabrics, and more.

As ordered materials and fabrics arrive, the Interconnected team will manage it every step of the way; from checking textiles, to cutting, sewing, finishing, and inventory management.


The Interconnected team is made up of technical specialists, providing all our designer clients with access to all areas of expertise required to create your product line

Technical Interpretation

With experience and skills in CAD (computer-aided drawing), we can interpret designers’ rough hand sketches into detailed technical drawings with all necessary specifications.

Problem Solving

Our experience and knowledge within the industry allow us to identify and swiftly address potential issues and problems early, especially those that tend to go undetected until expensive production errors are made.

Industry Knowledge

The fashion production & garment manufacturing industry can be very daunting and intimidating; with its own language and norms. As designer entrepreneurs, you can leave the jargon, details, and endless forms and checklists to us.

Business Development

We all know the importance of marketing for business development but in this current era of all things digital and online, it can be difficult to know where to begin planning for the launch of your line. We specialise in helping designers develop creative marketing strategies to help make your product a success.




You’re an artisan but your product represents your business, so treat it like a business.


Recognise the importance of product development and resist the urge to take shortcuts


Recognise and understand the challenges of production, and take steps to mitigate those challenges.


Take costing analyses seriously and ensure a desirable profit margin before commencing production.


No one person can do everything and do it well. Securing specialist business partners will add significant value.


A strong brand identity that is supported by a marketing and communications plan ensures long-term success of your brand.

Ready to take the next step with us?