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We are here for our designers


Avoid expensive mistakes

Creating something new is a tough business. At Interconnected, we show up every day for our designer clients because we are tired of watching brilliant ideas and product lines fail because they’ve skipped essential steps or didn’t know what they needed to do.


Reduce sampling costs

Many designers jump straight into sample-making, without the due diligence of first creating professional sketch sheets, spec sheets, or pattern pieces. They then find that they were spending great amounts of unnecessary money on re-doing samples over and over again.


Increase speed to market

Be it men’s underwear, baby blankets, winter coats, or big-bow hairbands, these designs have a go through a specific process to get them ready for large-scale production. Whether you are manufacturing locally in Australia or offshore at a factory, the importance of this process doesn’t change. Our expert team will get you there faster and better.

Our Story

Interconnected was founded by Naomi Sipus to help designers produce and launch their brands from a technical perspective. Our team comprises of a carefully-selected group of experts in their own areas, who share the same vision and who possess the same fierce and honest passion for the industry.

We are about the team, relationships, and integrity. We would never ask our designer clients to go against their creative styles, and similarly won’t compromise on the necessary steps that are required to make their concepts 100% production ready.

We ask all our designer clients to embrace each and every step of the journey, from concept to production, without taking shortcuts. When that design journey is complete, it is our promise that everything prepared can be taken to any reputable manufacturer, whether in Australia or overseas, for mass production and fulfillment with minimal fuss and errors.

Your Interconnected Team



Founder & Principal Consultant

Fast Facts
  • Certificate in Clothing Production from RMIT
  • Over 20 years’ experience in clothing production
  • Also operates School Pride Accessories, a successful school hair accessories production and retail business
  • Seamstress
  • Professional machinist
  • Technical garment construction expert
  • Mum to 3 beautiful young children

Naomi is the heart and soul of Interconnected. She oversees each client’s projects herself and works with only a select handful of designers at any one time. Incredibly passionate about Australian made, she dreams of bringing clothing manufacturing back to Australian shores and supporting local brands and businesses.

Also a member of Basic Banana’s Clever Bunch, a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who want to learn about all things marketing to grow their business and excel in their areas, Naomi is ready and willing to share her wealth of knowledge about marketing and business development with designers she works with.

“To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.”

Giorgio Armani



Our Equipment

The equipment that our team has access to includes (but is not limited to) the following. These machines and equipment are more than adequate for most garment creation. While creating your product concept, we will be able to identify if other specialised equipment is necessary, and how we can access such equipment for use.

4.5m x 2m cutting table

Plain sewing machine

Button sewer

Treadle press

Zig-zag sewing machine

Walking foot plain machine

Babylock machine

Electric rotary cutter

8" straight knife cutter

2 x cover-stitch machines

Walking foot 4-thread sewing machine

Die cutter

10" straight knife cutter

4-thread overlocker

Fabric-covered button industrial press

Fabric measuring & rolling machine


Need an expert technical team to help get you to production?