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An essential part of clothing production is planning the lay. Creating a cutting order to calculate how the parts that make up an article of clothing will fit on the marker.

Estimate on the fabric consumption can be calculated for purchase planning.

To improve fabric utilization and reduce wastage, the parts of many articles of clothing are included in the same marker. eg. different sizes or multiples of the same pattern piece.

This template is used to record and calculate the garment that is to be cut.

  • Style#
  • Technical sketch
  • Fabric supplier
  • Fabric content, width, roll/bolt length
  • Fabric colour codes, batch numbers, article numbers
  • Care instructions
  • Size range
  • Sizes, colours and quantities of each to be cut
  • The quantity of fabric that will be required in order to cut the correct number of garments to fulfil the clients order
  • any additional comments

This cutting order is used as a ‘check point’ between the client (designer) and the cutting room


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